Nancy Erickson Dutmer 

is  Scarlet Lake

                       Welcome to my website! I am an award winning versatile artist living

                                                           in Chetek, Wisconsin.

                                        I dabble in many mediums, products and styles.

                       My art resume' includes oIl painted portraits and nature art, fabric painting                                 and design, beadwork, bead embroidery, furniture painting, tiling, mural                                    painting, theatrical set painting, illustrations, conglomerate art,                                                                decorated animal skulls and ceramics.

                               Because of all I can create,

                                         my  business name is...



on the Edge...

are visual images that bring to mind earlier days of innocence and amazement before enlightenment or education. My art is usually based on historic and nostalgic images, yet some of them have an edge, begging the viewer to question if it really happened once upon a time in history? 


I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, a chihuahua/

terrier, and a Red Factor Canary. 

My house/studio is a visual feast

filled with antiques and oddities.

Besides art, I sing, dance,

act and perform with my husband

in theatre. 


                     Peahen Metamorphosis

Is she a woman  morphing  into a peahen?

My Studio!

Self Portrait

acrylic on wood, 2" x 2"