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Imagine Your Story

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

4/5/2020~Two months ago I was given this title to create a work of art for a library in north western Wisconsin, due June 2, 2020. It puzzled me then, as it does today! Two months ago, I created a completely different meaning to the art challenge than the one defining our current situation on the earth. In fact, I'm yet to decide if this art show will happen at all in June.

IMAGINE YOUR STORY: When I was imagining, what I would paint.....although I am not only a painter, but also a bead emroiderer who paints on fabric and them embellishes with bead and sequins.... I imagined elements that I adored would be added to the painting: flamingos, water running over rocks, a blue light, birds, a resting dog, plus me sitting peacefully/honorably among nature. A veritable Garden on Eden!

Truth be told, painting challenge aside, if I wrote MY STORY using my history, Eden would surely be left out.

It was suggested to me to write blog of my life and add it to my website. My Mother once told me I should write a book! I'm not so special that anything that's happened to me is newsworthy. I may have a little psychic in me, but I guess I also have had some colorful situations. Haven't we all?

Let me introduce myself in a quick history: Currently married twice, (2nd time same man), 3 kids, 4 grandchildren. I'm an artist, duh, you found me on my web page, singer, actress, dancer in musical comedy, director, costumer, x pet groomer, x retail stocker, prep cook, hostess, dishwasher, x key maker, x waitress, x tiler, x dry clean taker in-er, x furniture painter, set builder/painter, x school custodian, x paperboy (girl), and now......covid...who cares???

I do have a colorful life to share with you. I won't have words of wisdom. Most of what I write won't be of interest to anyone, I assure you, unless you're interested in a girl who started showbiz as an ingenue with no brains at age 15 .

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Liz Micik
Apr 22, 2020

All good except for the last bit. You have plenty of brains and smarts to go with all that talent and creativity.


Nancy Erickson Dutmer
Nancy Erickson Dutmer
Apr 20, 2020

Couple typos.... oops... better luck next time.,

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