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Unemployment Blues

Clearly, I’ve been a naughty girl and dropped the blogging ball for two months, I dare say. It wasn’t my idea to blog in the first place, but it was suggested to me, pre-Covid, to attract people to my website. May I assure you, these past neglected months weren’t neglectful at all. To count, I entered ten art shows, applied for two grants, and fulfilled a gallery obligation in IL, which ended up with a virtual gallery night~boo hoo~this being the largest disappointment since I finally got accepted into a gallery outside of Wisconsin!

My other disappointing occurrence was being denied for Unemployment Insurance. Not once, but thrice during the past five months, resulting in a cataclysmic implosion on our household. I know I am not alone with this woe. I also know there are people with immensely more troubles than I, but the whole ordeal has inspired me to embrace our culture in a way I never thought I would. I have written a RAP, and I do hate rap. I will rap my past 5 months as a United States Citizen who was wrongfully denied unemployment after I’d travelled across the country and back fleeing from the Corona virus, stymied by my cancelled art shows, only to discover my “real” job at a restaurant had also closed their doors.

…You supply the beat box…

An artist, I, who travelled for a living,

left the northern woods to seek a new beginning.

Art shows called me, where it wasn’t winter,

in Texas, but, rumors were a hither.

A disease was flowing all around the world,

it wasn’t safe for man or girl.

“My corona” they started to bellow,

my corona, “SHUT DOWN THE SHOW!”

Back to Wisconsin I did travel,

to discover my livelihood did unravel.

The restaurant I had worked steady at

had closed its doors to dispel the rat!

Unemployment, I had never used your services!

Unemployment I now was deserves-es.

'You’re denied,’ came the government regret.

‘You’re an artist, and the restaurants in neglect.’

5 months I sweated and cried

Cleaned my house, I organized I tried..

Making art was a joke cuz who cared?

Art spaces closed cuz of bad air.

Payed gallery fees entering online art shows

with the rest of the world, you see how that goes???

Sick of playing the online gallery game,

I gave up being an artist, it’s all a shame.

Depression, aggression, appetite suppression,

Alcohol addiction, eating with fruition.

Hacking my way through the concrete jungle.

Help Me Someone fix my bungle!

An angel then, entered the room

just this August to repel the doom

“You will get back all that you are owed, cuz

this is America and you are bestowed!”

Unemployment upped my ante,

they paid me to be this art making Granny.

They finally believed I was a true blue citizen

who wants to work to make a livin’ in.

Five months of back pay delivered to my bank

from the US Government WHO DO I THANK?

Just goes to show ya there’s no time to grieve

th’ Universe has our back, ya gotta believe!

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